Company's existing staff of 45 people, long-term commitment to marine and fishery special security equipment and marine networking, environmental protection and other high-end equipment design research and development and manufacturing. In 2016 that the high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province, in the process of development, technology innovation is the motive force of development, focus on scientific research, with all levels of professional research institute has established close cooperative relations, and the establishment of the demonstration zone in Yantai Fisheries Research Institute of marine base, development and scientific research units devoted to marine high-tech industry the. In the State Intellectual Property Office "offshore offshore cage automation system", "remote wireless communication", "net washing", "smart cage" and other related fields 12 patents including 2 invention patents. Is an independent research and development of high-tech enterprises. Product quality assurance system with ISO14000 guarantee system and relevant international standards, combined with modern scientific and technological progress, the integration of cutting-edge technology products developed for use in the open waters of the marine fishery professional equipment and professional fishing equipment used in rivers and lakes. At present, the company's products have been in a large number of sea areas, lakes and recycling aquaculture industry began to use, the effect is very satisfactory, but also by the user's praise. The company's full range of products widely used in environmental monitoring, disaster warning and data analysis (SOA), sea and lake aquaculture, marine monitoring, scientific research (Research Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.), underwater scientific investigation, undersea exploration (Study of marine environmental protection departments, aquatic product, intelligent system (cage) large scale farming enterprises, aquaculture, fishermen along the coast of the Shandong Peninsula, Fujian Hainan to coastal farmers).
中国将建千吨级海底空间站 足够容纳数十人 太空空间站可以让科学家“住”在太空,种植太空蔬菜。可不可以为科学家建个深海空间站,让他们“住”在大海里,在海底做实验?全国人大代表、深海载人装备国家重点实验室主任颜开日前
是鱼还是虾?渔民捕到神秘海洋生物被吓呆 据英国《每日邮报》3月6日报道,近日有渔民在印度尼西亚附近海域发现了一种神秘生物,该水下生物头部形状尖锐,眼球凸出,浑身黏糊糊的,很像是鱼和虾的结合体。逮着它们的渔民着实